Chinese Medicine and Nutrition

I’ve loved cooking since I was a teenager and part of the ‘chores’ list in our house was to cook once a week.  I can remember cutting fancy tomatos, in true 70’s style with zig zaged tops and being very cross that people actually ate them!

When I was training as an acupuncturist diet and food took on a different meaning for me, it became much more about eating well to maintain overall health and provide your body with all it needs.

That put me on a course of finding delicious vegaterian food that I loved but would nourish and properly support my body.  For about 8 years I provided a recipie for the British Acupuncture Council Acu magazine every 4 months, sadly I didn’t keep them all, but I’ve decided that this is a great place to start sharing the ones I’ve got and over time adding new ones.

If you’d like to try any of the recipies here, just click on the link and get the PDF.